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I dedicate this book; Entrepreneurship...unwrap the genius in you, to my father Neville Halberg, whom I’m extremely proud of as the passion of entrepreneurship was deposited in me from childhood. Dad was an example of determination as he identified obstacles in Zambia and positioned himself from a platform of power to ensure we his family, were always safe, and encouraged us to embrace life challenges. He lived, dreamed and operated in the fullness and success of a true entrepreneur. Dad “thank you, you are a genius who never ceases to impress me, and for that I am forever grateful as your entrepreneurship is a living example of all things being possible and that we should never limit ourselves.”


I believe with everything in me, that as an Entrepreneur, myself, my purpose on this earth is to help you release the unwrapped genius in you.

Your gifting and talents will become prominent and obvious to you while reading this book. Only you can release your full potential; but, I can alert your spirit (your heart) and guide you to be the signature Entrepreneur you should be and will be!

It is time to stop procrastinating, making all kinds of excuses, but rather allowing your passion to put pen to paper taking your idea to the next level. I challenge you to change the atmosphere around you and grasp this opportunity to define your vision, learn the rules, build your team, mobilize the essential resources, make a commitment and become the unstoppable you.

You will notice in this book I have three areas of importance after each chapter;

  1. Red Flag: the most common problem experienced of that chapter.
  2. Words of wisdom given from the book of Proverbs.
  3. Journal page for a self-evaluation, take-action tools, and thoughts.
  4. Ask and question section to prompt your mind to think out of the box.

Entrepreneurs are very unique and special people as they are:

  • Self-driven
  • Opportunists
  • Problem solvers
  • Calculated risk takers
  • Have extrovert characteristics
  • Propelled by excellence

* Creative being

  • The mindset of a millionaire

They are proactive forward thinkers and do not understand the misfortune of procrastination. I am certain you have identified yourself in this powerful description!

You are at the top of the Entrepreneurial process, as you are unique, so is your personal signature idea. No one else can better prepare the plan and strategize the project than you. You will make things happen and that is what excites you.

In the book I have introduced the concept of how the entrepreneurial traits of my father’s character and life style influenced me from childhood while living in Zambia and South Africa and onto my self development as a successful entrepreneur. I trust you will enjoy the analogies and stories as much as I loved living them!


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